Fast Facts

  • Single Asphalt Runway 4200’ x 75’
  • Runway Load Bearing Strength 30,000 lbs
  • Full length parallel taxiway
  • Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (MIRL)

About the Airport

The Rexburg-Madison County Airport is a general aviation airport serving Rexburg and several surrounding communities. The airport is jointly owned and operated by the City of Rexburg and Madison County.

The airport is served by a single asphalt runway (4,200'x75') oriented in a north south direction. Runway 17-35 is a light duty runway serving general aviation users and has a single-wheel loading strength of 30,000 pounds. This runway is served by a full length parallel taxiway. Taxiway A is 30 feet wide and at a centerline separation of 200 feet from the runway centerline. Several connecting taxiways provide access to the general aviation facilities on the west side of the airfield.

Panoramic View of Airport

The location of the airport at night is universally identified by a rotating beacon that projects two beams of light, one white and one green, 180 degrees apart. Runway 17-35 is equipped with medium intensity runway lighting (MIRL), which utilizes light fixtures placed near the edge of the pavement to definte the lateral limites of the pavement. Runway 35 is also equipped with runway end identifier lights (REILs), which provide rapid and positive identification of the approach end of a runway. Visual approach slope indicators (VASI-4) are installed on both ends of Runway 17-35.

The airport is equipped with a lighted wind cone, which provides pilots with information about wind conditions, and a segmented circle, which provides traffic pattern information to pilots. The lighted wind cone and segmented circle are located on the east side of the runway at mid-field.

Rexburg-Madison County Airport is also equipped with an Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS). An ASOS provides automated aviation weather observations 24 hours per day. The ASOS system supports cloud ceiling, visibility, temperature, dew point, wind direction, wind speed, altimeter setting (barometric pressure), and density altitude (airfield elevation corrected for temperature). The ASOS is located west of the large aircraft parking apron.

The Airport is served by two fixed base operators. Rexburg Air Service offers major and minor aircraft maintenance, and fuel sales. It occupies two hangars on the west side of the runway at midfield. Copter Doctor, formerly Aero Technicians, offers aircraft maintenance, aircraft leasing and rental, flight training, aircraft maintenance training, avionics training, and fuel sales. It occupies a single hangar adjacent to the north apron.

Airport Hangar